Our Mission

We believe that African cultures, traditions and inventiveness should stand out without perpetuating neo-colonial images.

“Images play a crucial role in defining and controlling the political and social power to which both individuals and marginalized groups have access. The deeply ideological nature of imagery determines not only how other people think about us but how we think about ourselves”

Pratibaha Parmar, Black Feminism

“The Politics of Articulation”

The philosophy behind MOA

moa is a concept that aims to give innovative ideas, projects and products with an African touch more visibility and to protect them.  The main goal is to combat the idea that Africa is only a gold mine for raw materials that are exported and processed elsewhere. Rather, Africa is a place where innovative people develop sustainable and scalable products that are competitive on the international market.  For us, it is not enough that a product fulfills its primary goal and solves a problem. We define quality as an innovative and creative approach that focuses on full traceability of the origin of the raw materials, fair trade, respect for the environment, workers› rights and gender equality. These are, among other things, characteristics of the essence of Africa.

moa promotes, protects and gives more visibility to products that convey new perspectives and stories about the African continent and its diaspora. We accomplish this primarily by fighting the exploitation of human suffering, the folklorization of African culture and lifestyle, the monodimensional representation of a vast, diversified continent and the tendency to view Africa as a primitive, timeless place. In this context, we do not want to deny the existing problems and disputes, but rather actively contribute to strengthening the local economy and infrastructure. Instead of promoting an imaginary based on victimization, compassion and short-term compassion, we also want to support the sustainable development of high-quality, modern products that are manufactured with respect for people and nature. For us, sustainability is a collective process that eliminates both hierarchies and prejudices and replaces them with fairness, awareness of recourse and creativity.

“Africa has provided a space onto which white egos can conveniently be projected. It is a liberated space in which the usual rules do not apply: a nobody from America or Europe can go to Africa and become a godlike savior or, at the very least, have his or her emotional needs satisfied. Many have done it under the banner of “making a difference”.”